City Commission Weighting Value of Proposed Improvements

The Sarasota City Commission is weighting the value of eleven proposed long-term projects that could cost a total of $15.5 million and will be a part of its five year Capital Improvement Program. The cost of these projects would be provided by various funds, such as the tourist development tax, gas taxes, federal and state grants, and fees on new development. The projects range from improvements like installing a crosswalk at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Cocoanut Avenue, replacing part of an air conditioning unit in a city building, and beach renourishment on Lido Key. The City Commission is trying to determine if all projects need to be pursued, while also seeking other sources of funding to help pay for the expenses. The commission fears it may have to raise taxes, cut services, or dip into reserve funds to balance an anticipated budget shortfall of nearly $2 million for the next fiscal year.

For more information on the proposed improvements, read Nicole Rodriguez’s story on the Herald Tribune.